Easy To Use
Really easy to use, no training or expertise required. Quality rich features and technically robust functionality can be accessed just with a single click of a button.
Paperless Invoicing & Bill Pay
Simplifies software system for enhancing online payment system. Payments can be efficiently and smartly processed using credit/ debit card, ACH, cash, check, etc.
Digital Attendance & Sign-in
Highly secured access for all the users with different authorities. An additional feature is available to replace physical signature for enhancing remote operations.
Daily Reports & Assessment
Automated daily basis reporting system to keep the parents connected with their child's activities. Personalize the child assessment records on a regular basis.

Best Daycare Management System for Child Care Centers - Highly Reliable Daycare Center Software

In the era of complications, it has become a challenging task for the parents to manage their child’s daycare responsibilities while they have to hold their jobs. As an alternative to this, they take help of the child daycare service providers. For proceeding the normal daycare activities, daycare centers need not require much technical expertise but when the concern sticks on to make the parents remotely connected with their child’s daycare activities. Then the role of

child care management software

that we have developed comes into the action to solve the daycare center complexities.

We have served over 240 daycare centers, and 180 preschools with the feature rich and quality enhanced

child care center software

and they all are quite satisfied with the services that we have provided to them in the frame of the

child care management system

. We have assured of assisting lifetime maintenance services of the products that we have delivered.

Are you a school administrator? Childcare can help you in saving the time while improving communication and increasing parent’s participation at school events, volunteer opportunities and more.
Awesome Features
Everything that is needed to stay connected with the parents. Can remotely access instant messaging, media sharing, calendars and daily reports. Childcare makes all the parental communication quick, simple and easy
Automates the attendance and staff hours tracking to save the time. Keeps an online record of completed and pending activities, tasks that are included in the daily routine. Read More
Online Registration
Easily accessible and smartly approachable online enrollment system that enable the parents to register their child online and to access child’s daily information remotely. Read More
Teacher App
Makes it easy for the teachers to stay connected with parents and makes them aware of timely performance and suggests the ways to improve performance & skills. Read More
Parent Portal
Enables the parents to stay in touch with the teachers by establishing an online connection through the app to access their child’s performance reports on regular basis. Read More
Automated Billing
A computerized billing cycle is followed and each time parents got a notification, and after getting the permission, the payments are processed as per the preferred payment mode. Read More
Timely Reporting
At the end of a preferred duration, both parents and teachers get automated reports about the child through which they can more smarty analyze the child’s activities. Read More
Who uses child care software

Bring A New Level Of Productivity with our Daycare Center Software

A daycare software is a business or organization management system that is used to regulate all the activities, tasks, and operations that are carried out in daycare centers, preschools. We have a

ready-made daycare software

that can play a very critical role in enhancing the functionality of childcare centers, home care centers, and preschools. The daycare software that we have developed is highly advanced, feature rich, technologically smart, and proficient enough to bug-freely process various operations and tasks on a timely basis. You just need to login to

day care center software

from your mobile, tablet or laptop, can access everything you need to know about the children, parents, teachers, and staff at your fingertips. The software is developed with the hi-tech security system and enables the team to access the information remotely at any instant of time, no matter where they are. Thousands of clients are proficiently using our

home daycare software

for making the life more comfortable, secure and tension free.
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