Best Daycare Management App - Home Daycare App for Childcare Centers and Preschools

A wide range of daycare centers is working to serve the parents in assisting them with the technologically advanced daycare services for their child. With the advancements in the living standards, the demand for higher security, quality care, and traditional teaching is gradually rising with each crossing day. It has become the most concerning factor for the daycare providers to avail the parents as well as children with an authoritatively convincing daycare service after satisfying the massive bundle of doubts and interrogation that the parents raise while handing over their child’s daycare responsibilities.

We are here to share an extensive range of features that the users can access from the

child daycare application

that we have created for fulfilling all the basic to advanced needs of a child daycare center. The critical motive behind the development of the

child care application

is to help the parents in establishing remote communication with the daycare staff, administration and keeping an eye on their child's real-time activities from the place where they are.

Extensive Features of Our Daycare Management App


childcare management app

comprises a vast range of feature-rich, functionally advanced, easy-to-use, intuitive solution
with an in-depth potential to keep you connected remotely with your child
Teachers, parents, other staff members can remotely track child’s real-time activities.
Only the users will have to sign-in into the application via the laptop, mobile or tablet and after that, they can control and manage the entire activities of a child care center remotely at their fingertips.

Each time a user attempts to log in, they have to undergo a strict security assessment that makes our

daycare center app

much secured and protected. The app is having an excellent database, in which complete information of teachers as well as students daily activities are stored. The entire report can be remotely accessed by any of the authorized users at any instance of time from anywhere.
Children's List
Automates the child attendance and reporting system
Filters the list of children with different capabilities and disabilities and makes it available to the parents so that they can work deeply in enhancing their child’s productivity and efficiency. The childcare application automatically determines the strong and weak points of each child by the daily data that we enter.

Once after setting up the functionality, a system generated daily, weekly, or monthly reports as per their preference are sent to the parents.
Online Registration
Parents can directly register their children online
Parents can register their children for our day care center from their place using our

home daycare app

. Parents will have to fill an online application form and then after accepting our terms and conditions click on the submit button. When approved, the entry is pushed into your childcare account that can be accessed by following the app dashboard.

It eliminates the need to visit the daycare center personally for child's registration.
Teacher App
Keep teacher's remotely in touch with each child
Facilitates the teachers with extensive functionality through which they can genuinely analyze each and specific children after looking at the weekly and monthly reports that are stored in their database.

The timely performance report automatically reaches to parent as well as teacher’s portal through which they can examine a child more smartly.
Parent Portal
Keeping parents and centers connected
To make the parents aware of their child’s daily performance and growth status, the childcare app sends an automated notification when any remark is given by the teacher concerning child’s activities. Through this parents can remotely keep an eye on their child as well as the daycare center activities.

Parents can easily and smarty access the

baby care application

via phone, laptop, computer, and tablet as per their convenience.
Automated Billing
Simplifies entire your billing process
The admin only has to schedule the pricing and the time at which the payments are to process. After that, when a specific date arrives, an automated confirmation notification reaches to parents portal, and after giving permission, a specific amount as suggested in the fee schedule will be deducted from parent account as per their preferred payment mode, i.e., credit card, debit card, or direct debit. It is quite simple, smart and headache free billing system that helps in maintaining the decorum of daycare center, preschools, and home daycare.
Timely Reporting
The information you need when you need it
Along with the daily, weekly and monthly reporting, both parent and teacher’s have powered with an extensive feature through which they can remotely ask for child’s performance reporting at any instance of time.

It enables them to monitor their child’s activities whenever they get time as per their convenience.

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